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Agile Manager: Enhancement Requests

Request Single Integration ID

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Request Single Integration ID

As a user, I would like to have a single ID for assets across AGM and ALM.  It is difficult to keep track of two IDs and it doesn't make sense we have two separate IDs across two HP products.


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Re: Request Single Integration ID

ALM and Agile Manager are two different systems that can be integrated for all or for some of the items. This integration can be modified according to the user needs. Having said that, both product can not predict the user needs and manage their IDs accordingly.


We know that even though the entity ID is purely a unique identification of the entity, it is massively used when communication over entity is done, and that the fact that the same (logical) entity has different identifications in ALM and in Agile Manager is confusing.

We propose solving it by having a user defined field that in Agile Manager will hold the ALM ID and vice versa. This way the ID from both tools is searchable in both tools, and the relevant entity can be found given an ID no matter what its origin is.


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Re: Request Single Integration ID


Thank you for responding.  When demoing the *solution* to my SDLC core team the number one issue that came up was that we have 2 HP software programs that are sold as a solution but they do not share a unique ID.  The enhancement request would make this a tighter integration, and a more clean solution as a whole.  I understand there are challenges, but it might be worthwhile to research the task and add value to the solution.

We currently do what you propose as a workaround (by having UDFs that store each others ID), but think about ALI and how that works.  It ties to the ID of the requirement or defect.  Having a SINGLE ID would allow users to submit code changes and builds in BOTH tools offering an even tighter integration.  Currently the solution only provides ALI to be tied to one or the other (AGM OR ALM, not both). 



Chris Carpenter