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Agile Manager Release Notes

Release Notes: 2-March-2014

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Release Notes: 2-March-2014

ALI users, this release is for you!


The Agile Manager team continues to add and improve functionality to enhance your Agile Manager experience.


Check out the details below!



New ALI configuration wizard


A new ALI configuration wizard helps you define basic ALI configurations for your release.

  • Access the wizard from the Builds or Source Code pages.
  • View the ALI configuration on the Configuration > ALI Summary page.
  • Update or define additional settings on the Build Management or Source Code Management configuration pages.



Automatic ALI validation


The ALI configuration is automatically validated in the background.


  • The ALI configuration is validated on an hourly basis.
  • Dev Bridge connectivity and synchronization is validated regularly as you use the ALI pages.


Errors are indicated on the BuildsSource Code, and ALI configuration pages.



Map Agile Manager users to code committers


You can now associate code changes with Agile Manager users.


On the Project Users tab, select a user and click Set SCM User Mapping.

User mapping also enables you to filter change impact reports and change logs by Agile Manager teams.



Filter ALI metrics by build configuration


Filter the data on the Build Summary page by a specific build configuration. 



Acceptance test details in grids


Now you can display details about acceptance tests in the Release and Product Backlog grids.


Add new grid columns for failed, passed, and pending acceptance tests to your favorites views.




Fixed defects


SD00042774  Errors fixed for user stories that have old release IDs.

IM00040215   Errors fixed for comments and attachments in split stories.

SD00043359  Header improvements for low resolution displays.