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Agile Manager Release Notes

Release Notes: Agile Manager 2.01 (1-June 2014)

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Release Notes: Agile Manager 2.01 (1-June 2014)

The Agile Manager team continues to add and improve functionality, helping you plan your features and releases.

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We update Agile Manager based on your feedback. Send us comments via our community.

Improved planning tools
Agile Manager provides a new option that enables you to assign backlog items to a release when you assign the feature to a release. Drag a feature to a release bucket or click the Planning button.

New Scoped feature status: Set a feature to Scoped to indicate that it is planned for a release, but work on the feature has not yet begun.

The Features grid now displays Aggregated Story Points per feature and detailed footer data. Release buckets now show total feature story points in addition to story points aggregated from backlog items.

All grid footers now show the total story points for all items selected in the grid.

New Rejected out-of-the-box defect status
Set a defect to Rejected to indicate that it does not represent an actual defect in the product.

Setting a defect to Rejected closes the backlog item.

ALI updates
On the Source Code page, filter the Change Impact and Change Log views by SCM branch. Select a branch from the SCM Branches selector at the top of the page.

In the Change Impact view, the SCM Branches selector is filtered to display only branches relevant to the selected application.

Filtering by branch is useful when you are tracking multiple parallel branches, or if you want to drill down into part of an application that consists of multiple branches.

User interface enhancements
Hide grid columns directly from the column action dropdown menu.

Restore the default grid display from the column selector. This shows the default columns and removes any filters, grouping, or sorting you defined.

Fixed defects
SR00006018 SD00007373 Removing a user automatically changes any tasks assigned to that user to Unassigned in current and future sprints.
IM00039308 SD00040290 Errors fixed in the Group Velocity graph display on the Dashboard.
IM00040311, SD00042489, IM00041043 SD00043871 Values for user-defined lists are now persistently organized in the order in which they were created.
IM00038057 SD00037803 Maximum release period is now limited to two years.
IM00045807 SD00052511 Errors fixed in the task display on the Taskboard.
IM00046164 SD00053280 IM00046272 SD00053504 Errors fixed in export to Excel functionality.
IM00044338 SD00049410 Theme and feature ranking is now synchronized between Agile Manager and ALM. Create a new custom number field in ALM to map to the Rank field in Agile Manager.