HPE Software is now Micro Focus
HPE Software is now Micro Focus
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Be Enterprise Agile ready with the new ALM Octane Enterprise

Be Enterprise Agile ready with the new ALM Octane Enterprise


Businesses are looking for Agile portfolio management at enterprise scale. They are looking for these capabilities in order to address the project/program requirements of tens/hundreds of distributed project teams in the business. But they want it all without the management complexity nor hidden costs of the add-ons associated with it. As teams embrace choice in the application development pipeline, businesses are seeking to amalgamate multiple agile release trains to streamlined solutions. But they are trying to achieve it with the business processes and rules in place to ensure governance and compliance. This is a difficult task to take on.

With the immense pressure faced by businesses to innovate continuously just to stay competitive, another key to accomplishing Agile portfolio management is integrated application lifecycle management. This is required for teams to manage quality in code builds and automate test management continuously. Modernizing the application development process also changes how teams Plan/Build/Test/Track across a complex application portfolio. It is an essential step to businesses transforming from traditional waterfall development to Agile application delivery, and then further evolving to continuous DevOps—all with confidence. You will also need a toolchain to manage a hybrid application development environment. This toolchain should recognize that the enterprise application portfolio will continue to have a mix of development methodologies.  Be mindful of this requirement when choosing an Enterprise Agile planning tool.

During this process you may require an application lifecycle management platform that provides visibility and traceability while offering predictive insights in lifecycle management reporting. Think of a data hub presenting a single source of truth where businesses can consolidate the different tools used throughout the organization thereby reducing management complexity. The new Micro Focus ALM Octane Enterprise (NEW!) was designed to prepare businesses to be Enterprise Agile ready with the frictionless exchange of information and best practices that help reduce cost and enforce policies.Quality by application module.png

It is here that ALM Octane Enterprise raises the bar to introduce the use of a shared space layer. This concept leverages the value of multiple workspaces and streamlines them through a parent-child relationship. For business processes and rules, defining customizations at a shared space level percolates downstream across workspaces. Offering cross workspace reporting and program dashboards is just one of several featured benefits in the latest ALM Octane release – as we help you accomplish Plan/Build/Test/Track to application release.ALM Octane requirements.jpg

Let’s begin by exploring the way we Plan for Agile Enterprise with the familiarity of the Requirements module for enterprise agile planning. Business users can now author and manage requirements in clear word syntax. This is available along with Agile planning enhancements including Team Velocity graphs, Split Stories and Features in your Backlog. ALM Octane backlog.png

 And as we continue to Build Quality in Code, you can look forward to embracing choice in the application development toolchain by having further CI integrations through a redesigned Pipeline that now supports Build Analytics. This compliments DevOps integrations with ecosystem support for IDR plug-in’s like Eclipse and IntelliJ and cross collaboration using ChatOps and Slack.ALM Octane pipelines.png

 You can Test for Continuous Release with modern test management, to configure and link Micro Focus Unified Functional Testing through the CI pipeline into the ALM Octane Quality module. Be ready for automation, by managing Manual to Test Automation from the IDE.


ALM Octane Quality.png

As you continue to Track for Enterprise Ready Projects, with ALM Octane as your single source of truth. In this release, you can push HPE ALM test results directly to ALM Octane’s Quality module for richer quality metrics. This is alongside additional functional upgrades (requirements/defects/stories/features) within the ALM Octane Synchronizer, as part of continued efforts for Test API productization out-of-box.

ALM Octane Synchronizer.jpg


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A single platform offering a modern application development experience, that is both on-premises and SaaS capable, learn why HPE ALM Octane continues to fuel rapid quality application delivery at scale for the digital business. Take the latest release in ALM Octane out for a test drive today. Meanwhile lookout for our coming webinar, coming soon on our product page.












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