HPE Software is now Micro Focus
HPE Software is now Micro Focus
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‘The day after the days after HP Discover’ or ‘Trabajar en Las Vegas!’

‘The day after the days after HP Discover’ or ‘Trabajar en Las Vegas!’


Well, we came, we saw the new offerings, we had meetings (and some of us even got some sleep). HP Discover was fantastic and I was happy to meet some of you out there.  For those of you that went, I am sure you had a great time and were overloaded with information and opportunities to see all the new offerings HP has to offer.


I heard that everyone was really impressed with the new mobility offerings that HP has in the testing space. These offerings are really going to improve anyone’s ability to have a rapid deployment and test platform in the mobility space.  And the HP Apps 12 suite of product with the whole DevOps solution answers many of the issues around continuous improvement. These issues include testing matching the speed of agile development and end-to-end audit and reporting that all companies are looking for today.


But what were people asking about at the Guru Bar or in meetings? 


Q.What is the reason that I should upgrade to ALM 12?


A. ALM 12 has a number of new features that make this a compelling product to move to. The first introduction of the Web Client, the increased stability and scalability of the environment, single sign-on support and the increased usage of business views all can be leveraged in your new environment.  Web Client is obviously the flashiest of them, and rightfully so.  This is a great time for you to get off those legacy platforms and modernize your ALM environment.


Q.   I have heard that HP is not Agile friendly in the testing space, is that true?

A.   Absolutely not!  Our software integrates with many of the freeware solutions that exist in the market. This allows for consolidation of metrics and reporting; the integration with HP’s own Agile Manager is useful to manage your sprints and releases. The increased functionality of  UFT 12 and Sprinter 12 leverage more exploratory testing methods and development based testing. Our DevOps story and the automation around continuous integration make HP ALM the hub of a complete testing and development operation that supports all aspects of Agile development.


Q.  Did you really wear those sport coats and socks out in public?

A.  Yes, don’t be afraid colors in your wardrobe and of my fly style.


Q.  With all the options are available for me in mobility testing?

A.  There are third party tools that can support your mobility, as well as the new features in HP Sprinter and HP UFT 12 that allow integration with mobile testing that is streamlined with your rapid pace of testing.


 I hope that you have some questions and some ideas about what you learned and what you saw out there at Discover (Or from reading this blog).  As your year progresses and your company direction matures and changes in these new spaces, I hope you reach out and get some more information form us on these topics.  And above all, keep it safe out there!


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I have more than 12 years in IT, with focus on Application Lifecycle and Delivery Management. Lately my focus has been in looking at the concepts of SAFe and DevOps transformations within organizations.

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