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Thanks for joining us! This neighborhood within our community is focused on the discussions about providing lower cost and improve delivery speed for core business systems by modernizing current technology and processes. Get more information about related products here. We have a lot of information ready for you to peruse, and please, feel free to start or jump into any discussion in one of our product forums.
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Legacy COBOL applications can be challenging

Any developer, either fresh out of college or the gnarled senior principal who ‘worked with IBM mainframes in the 70s’ will think twice before changing code. The risk is always high and answering questions around execution flow, potential impact, where the data is to be used and other copybook dependencies are time-consuming when using mainstream searches and custom scripts.
But not for everyone. READ MORE

Micro Focus Enterprise 3.0 is here!

We are delighted to announce the latest release of our mainframe solution for application development, testing, deployment and modernization—Enterprise 3.0. This release includes Enterprise Developer, Enterprise Test Server, Enterprise Server and Enterprise Server for .NET. - READ MORE