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BSM -SCOM integration

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BSM -SCOM integration

Hello ,


We have integrated SCOM with BSM connector for scom 2.0 and did the steps as per BSM_Connector SCOM guide.


When i open BSM SCOM connector I see total of 6 policies ( 4 xmls and 2 ( custom & log).

The issue is while activating the policies i am getting the below error.


Policy Activation component reported following error:
The keystore reported problems. Signing failed. Please check if certificates are installed.
(conf-45) Could not sign the policy file 'C:\ProgramData\HP\HP BTO Software\tmp\7597c298-55b9-4018-a823-474d5c2f2f9f_header.xml'. The security key store for this node generated errors.
 (sec.core-25) No certificate for alias 'ed7593a2-0197-756d-17ad-b01e42ef1de0' is installed.


I have exported the Certificates from Connector to BSM server and vice versa..


Please suggest the fix for this..





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Re: BSM -SCOM integration

Try posting in the BSM-C SCOMm forum :