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Blank screeshot reported to BSM by Ajax truclient script

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Blank screeshot reported to BSM by Ajax truclient script


I've few Ajx Truclient scripts recorded in Vugen 12.53 that are running from various BPMs runnning 9.30. The script is configured to "Generate snapshot on error" however the screenshot always comes out as blank page without any error.

Has anyone faced this issue in their environment and willing to share on how were you able to fix it. Any help will be greatly appreciated !

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Re: Blank screeshot reported to BSM by Ajax truclient script

Hi AbhijeetPatre,

first thing to check is whether or not the SOE is generated on the BPM side, and if yes, then check on the BSM side whether or not it has been uploaded successfully and whether BSM can access it fine.

 KM02988798 - BSM 9.26 - BPM - unable to see full Snapshot On Error (SOE) in TruClient scripts
which shows an issue where it looks like no snapshot is generated, bt in the end it is, but it's hard to view it.

I would first check if snapshots are generated when you execute the script fromout VuGen.
If not, you would need to check with the folks from the VuGen forum or support.
If they are, then as next step check it in BPM.

The SOE files are created under <BPM>\workspace\agentX\SiteY\<guid>\<script_name>\<id>\res\
(for example
  with containing the snapshot)
If the files are there, then the next step is to check what the issue is on the BSM side.


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