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Incomplete transactions in RUM Engine console

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Incomplete transactions in RUM Engine console

Hi Team,


We are getting Incomplete Transactions Total is 100% in RUM probe traffic.Let us know what meant is and how we can convery to customer that fault is switch side mirroring like any checkpoint we can do manually in wireshark and share with customer.



Prashant Doke

Micro Focus Expert

Re: Incomplete transactions in RUM Engine console


It is a strong indication of problems with mirrored to Sniffer Probe traffic: Mirrored traffic is or filtered incorrectly (one way communication instead of duplex Clinet <> Server), or there are many damaged packets, or high packet loss percentage.

Please, record pcap file with wireshark (tshark, tcpdump or with Probe itself) and open a support case for R&D in case you cannot analyze it by yourself.

Best, Alexey