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Sitescope forum link

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Sitescope forum link

Hi guys,
I'm tired of searching for the Sitescope forum. I have no where to go but to open a thread here. Could you guys be kind and send me the link to the Sitescope forum.

thanks in advance.
eran maor
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Re: Sitescope forum link


there isnt any Sitescope Forum .

all thread on Sitescope are inside the BAC forum :



love computers
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Re: Sitescope forum link

Thanks for the link !

Re: Sitescope forum link

Good day

I am scheduling a performance report from the monitors so that it reaches the mail every month, it generates the report because it is stored in the folder htdocs of SitesCope but it does not reach the mail, this problem does not happen with all the monitors. The report made it through the option of "Report / Management", if anyone has knowledge and the solution of this problem, you will be very grateful.

My email is: