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Vugen Script recording issue with TLS

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Vugen Script recording issue with TLS

Dear ALL,

Kindly I have an issue with recording Vugen Script for website using TLS 1.2 and while recording the script the vugen start the IE and try to connect to the website but the website is not opening with the IE instance that starts from Vugen, I try to modifiy the recording option with TLS 1.2  with no hope 

what is the correct setting to record Vugen script for website using TLS1.2 ? iam using Vugen verison 12.02 

Siggi Gladitsch
Micro Focus Expert

Re: Vugen Script recording issue with TLS


you might wanna move / cross-post your question to / in the LoadRunner / VuGen forum.
This is the BSM / SiteScope forum, where only few people (if any) do have VuGen scripting experience.


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