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sitescope Custom script Monitor - sample script


sitescope Custom script Monitor - sample script

Hi Guys,

Anyone has a sample java script for doing some basic function which is used in custom script monitor ? I am new to custom script monitor and I want to try..dpnt know where to start..a sample refer code will help :)

Siggi Gladitsch
Micro Focus Expert

Re: sitescope Custom script Monitor - sample script

Hi lokee,

the manual is your best fried here.

As you didn't mention what version you wanna use, I checked the latest and greatest SiteScope version, 11.40.

In the manual "Monitor Reference" from SiteScope 11.44,
Chapter 18: Custom Monitor -> page 133 "Create the data processing script"
- A sample Custom monitor script is provided in the Data Processing Script box. To
use it, you need to uncomment the script.

- Sample scripts for all the custom monitors are available from the sample content package located in the
  <SiteScope installation directory>\examples\monitors\custom folder. contains examples for SiteScope 11.20, contains updated examples
    including a Custom Database monitor with a dynamic query,
    a manifest file created using the Export Content Package Wizard,
    and template mail and template mail subject files.


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