Feature Request - Enable Use Case creation

This Feature Request to enable user creation of Use Cases objects and editing within the ESM console. This exists today yet I've been told that this functionality is not complete. I understand there may be some bugs and testing needed, but it does work.  Console properties exist to enable this, yet I'd like content authors to be able to package the Use Case object views with Packages as a normal function. It at least ties content together.

Priority: I would like to see this prior to enabling APP/ARB sharing in future releases.


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Can you share the console properties, that need to be enabled for using the USE CASE

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is it OK if I move your idea to the ArcSight ideas area for better exposure? I quite accidentaly stumbled on it.

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Please. Since the Feature Request section when up this last week, I wanted to submit ideas that I had.  Couldn't exactly find the right way to put it under the ArcSight ESM Console section. I just clicked the idea link and it stored to my profile. I was about to ask someone to move it for me. Thanks for the help.

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There actually is a way to do this in ESM through the modification of .properties files, but it's unsupported.  HP Professional Services can assist you with configuring this as a custom solution if required, but it's considered "unsupported".