Feature Request - New Execute Command: 'Clear Active List'

We have several uses cases that require the clearing of an Active List when "X" event occurs.

It would be nice if there was a command I could execute from a rule action to perform this.

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I think there should also be a poll for the least favorite thing. It is good to know the positive things but knowing the negative ones makes things improve.

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Agree! Interesting feature to have!

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That's  already possible if you create a package with an empty version of the list. Unzip the .arb and use the xml file as an input for the arcsight archive command:

/opt/arcsight/manager/bin/arcsight archive -f <emptyActiveList.xml> -u <arcsightUser> -m <ESMHostName> -p <password>

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This feature request is referring to an 'Action' within a rule.

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you can run any command within a rule action, so also the arcsight archive command clear the list using an empty version of the list

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I'm aware - I'm referring to a built in Action not a workaround bash script.  I think you're missing the point of this feature request.

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I'd like to see this Action as well, but I think it needs to have a system event generated per entry as well.  the content I have wanted to see this used for would make use of counts, and/or expiration data where a TTL is not practical.