HA for connectors

We need HA for connectors.

HP Ticket: CON-14609


Since we released HA for connectors I will move this to "already offered". I am aware that there are many subsequent requirements. For example the current solution offers only syslog and file based connectors an HA option, however it would be better to create new more specific feature requests for those additional requirements.

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I love the look and feel of the new site, but it's going to take a little bit to get accustomed to it. I am not exactly sure about the difference between the "Share" and the "Interact" sections of the site. Can you draw a parallel between these sections and components of the old forum? Did the Content Sharing section go into Share and everything else go into Interact?

Also, in the old site the forums and posts which have new content since my last visit would be bold. This new site must be capable of something like that, right? I saw the ability to "subscribe" to threads and get email notification, so this might not be a huge deal, but just wondering what's possible.

Thanks and looking forward to the launch!

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Howdy! Thanks for your feedback!

Here's how the groups from the old forums site mapped over:


     Content Sharing







     Regional User Groups, So Cal, DC and German User Groups

Our intention behind the new Share and Interact spaces is:

Share: Post code, content or other tools that you have written and think others could download and use.

Interact: Ask each other questions.

I hope this is helpful!

As far as seeing what is new, I have been using the Browse links up in the user bar. For example, if you go to Browse > Discussions, you'll see all the recent discussions.

Another thing you can do is 'Follow This Community'. If you want to follow the Share community, go to and click 'Follow this community' in the Notifications bar. The next time you come to the site, go to Your Stuff > Communities and you'll see the recent activity for the communities you are following.

Good questions! I think I'll be writing another doc, along the lines of "how to stay updated'.


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Hi Trisha,

I've been experimenting with creating groups. But now I'd like to delete some of my experiments! Is there a way to delete a group? --Thanks! Vicky

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Hi Vicky -

Glad you asked! Before I answer, there is one bug with creating groups. Once you have created the group, in order for the group home page to display properly, you have to customize and publish the home page. I have done this on the 'DocView 360 Planning' group. You can try it on the 'DocView360Plans' group. On the Overview tab, click the 'customize' link (it is highlighted in gray and hard to read). Then click publish.

Once the home page is displayed, look on the right side for the Manage box. Let me know if you have a 'Delete this group' link in the Manage box. I have a feeling that you will not. If that is the case, please tell me the group name and I will be happy to delete for you .



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Hi Trisha,

Thanks! Okay, you are right that there is a bug with deleting groups. I published Home pages for both of those DocView groups. I have Manage options to "Edit group details" and "Manage group members" but not to delete a group.

For now, can you delete the group called DocView360Plans for me? Here is a link to the location of the group I'd like to delete:

On another related note, I can't seem to figure out how to rename a document. I can rename the title of it by editing the document, the name listed under "Subject" doesn't change. For an example see the document which I've actually retitled as:DocView Portal Plans. Do you think there is a way to do this?

I might have more various ideas/suggestions on the Jive interface that are essentially feature enhancement requests for them (e.g., when you are trying to insert a link, there is no "deselect all" on the All Content search function). Should I just collect a list of these and send it to you

--Thanks! Vicky

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Hi Vicky -

I think only Site Adminstrators can delete groups, so this is not a bug. I have deleted the DocView360Plans group.

Regarding renaming a document, you should be able to just change the title in the title field. I tried it myself, but I think you may be editing the doc too right now, so I didn't want to mess things up. We can try again later.

Yes, for UI suggestions and requests, please feel free to make a list and email to me directly.



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Alternatively, you can list the suggestions in a new discussion in the "Site Feedback" discussion area if you like!
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Hi Trisha,

Thanks--I will add any ideas I have to Site Feedback.

Thanks for the info about actions on groups (i.e., delete). I'll try  not to  create any more "practice" groups I don't mean to keep!

About the document rename issue, I was able to re-title the document   in edit mode, but the problem is that even after it's retitled, that  new  title doesn't get reflected in the page name for linking and  listing  purposes. The example I was giving you above is that I have a  document  that was originally named "WebWorks Jive Support Discussion". I  retitled  it to "DocView Portal Plans". But for linking and listings,  it's still  showing with the old name. This isn't optimal, because if  you want to  re-title something, you need the new name to show up  everywhere. Here is  the document--you can see the difference in what  shows up for the link  and for the listing under my documents versus  what the actual tittle of  the document is:

This might be something I'll add to Site Feedback ...?--Thanks, Vicky

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Acckk! Never mind on that point about document renaming. The problem was I hadn't published it yet. Now that it's published, the re-name is reflected everywhere:
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