I want to create ODBC flex connector configuration checker

Hello Community!

I am planning creation the ODBC flex connector configuration checker. Potential features:

1. database connection checking

2. and checking (mapping visual representation and properties validation in user-friendly interface)

3. file checker

System requirements:

Windows XP,7,8 with x32 or x64 architecture, odbc driver for your database (x32 or x64 architecture resp.)

This is a free soft for Protect724 Community. This idea appeared when I browsed our forum.

I am not a professional programmer, programming is my hobby in free time.

So, I have some questions for you:

1. Is this programm useful for you?

2. Could you provide feedback during my work to improve soft and fix possible errors?



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Any tool can be useful for the community.

Can't help new ArcSight people in their work.

So enjoy.

Et don't hesitate if you need help.

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Nice idea. You might consider adding some checks for common issues seen in question threads on Protect e.g. missing 'where id > ?', incorrect use of query.limit (requires 'and id < ?' and data type errors. I'd be happy to contribute some time/code too.

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Yes, it is. My software will be very useful in above situations. I already have some achievements: I can connect to database and receive data, there are main form, Microsoft ODBC Sources Administrator calling.

There is some progress, so I hope to present you first release!

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There is my first release!

The last version is available in this group