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Installing a SmartConnector Connector (Syslog Daemon) - Video

Installing a SmarConnector (Syslog Daemon)

In the Data collection & normalization stage within the Event Lifecycle, ArcSight SmartConnectors are the ArcSight components that receive events generated by devices in the network. 

SmartConnectors can perform the following functions:

  • Collect events from supported data sources
  • Parse events and normalize them into a common schema (CEF)
  • Aggregate events to reduce the quantity of events sent to the destination
  • Categorize events using a common, human-readable format
  • Execute commands on the local host

A Syslog daemon SmartConnector allows you to collect syslog events from devices, using Raw TCP or UDP protocols, and then forwards them to a designated destination.

SmartConnectors can be installed in a variety of operating systems. In the following videos we demonstrate how to install a Syslog Daemon SmartConnector in Linux or Windows environments.


Syslog Daemon SmartConnector Installation - Windows Platform


Syslog Daemon SmartConnector Installation - Linux Platform


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