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Big Data

Big Data Analytics in action for a safer world

Big Data Analytics in action for a safer world

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Did you know that over-height collisions (i.e. tall vehicles hitting bridges/overpasses) used to be a common and important public safety issue? So much so, that Governor Cuomo of New York took the bull by the horn and deployed a $4.8M detection system to address it.   

Also, did you know that almost 50 people were killed in NYC subway accidents in 2016? Or, do you remember the teenage stowaway who breached San Jose International Airport’s security and flew all the way to Hawaii inside the wheel-well of a plane? While surveillance cameras captured the teen on the tarmac, there was no intervention!  

So, what do these public safety problems have in common? In all of these cases, big data analytics could have helped or prevented the problems by automating and accelerating the detection of an imminent incident/threat, and enabling real-time triggering of a preemptive response.

gsoc.PNGThe above real-life scenarios are just a small sample of cases that can be effectively addressed by the iGSOC (Intelligent Global Security Operations Center) powered jointly by Vidsys and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.  If you are planning to attend ISC West in Vegas (April 5-7), click here to secure a spot for an in-person briefing where you can see a variety of solution demos addressing the above scenarios and more, plus our top technologists -Vidsys CTO and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Video Analytics CTO - will be on-hand for free consultative discussions.   

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Joe has over 13 years of experience in technology marketing and is currently focused on the analytics solution portfolio. Prior to this role, he was responsible for product marketing of the enterprise application data management solution.