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Big Data Analytics is Vertica: Get the fastest analytics at the lowest price

Big Data Analytics is Vertica: Get the fastest analytics at the lowest price


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You know that HPE Vertica delivers much faster analytical speed at scale than your data warehouse, database, or NoSQL solution. In every proof of concept we deliver, our performance crushes the competition. When we say fast, we mean really fast.  When we say complete ANSI SQL, we mean all of it.  When we say advanced analytics, we mean everything, from time series to pattern matching to gap analysis and so much more.  Vertica brings the “wow” to every engagement and we love that.

But wait, what is Vertica?  It’s simple (and less than 140 characters!). Vertica is the fastest, open architecture, advanced analytics SQL database, forever independent from underlying infrastructure.   With Vertica, you can choose to deploy on commodity hardware in your own data center or in the cloud(s), on AWS or Azure.  We don’t ever want you to get locked in anywhere. 

But not every small company or corporate division getting started on their big data analytics journey believes they can afford Vertica.  It’s expensive, right?  No, that’s wrong.  And now we’re going to prove that to everyone.

Beginning on Wednesday, February 15 for 30 days (and nights!), and designed exclusively for new HPE Vertica customers, the Vertica MARCH MANIA Promotion includes:

-           One year term-license of HPE Vertica Enterprise Express Edition

-           $1,000 per TB for an unlimited number of TBs

-           Commercial technical support for the one-year term

There’s never been a better time to join the thousands of data-driven organizations that make all of their business-critical decisions with HPE Vertica and don’t dare settle for slow. Take the next step and act fast – this special offer expires on March 15, 2017! After all, the future belongs to the fast and there’s nothing faster than HPE Vertica.

#Built for Fast

#Built for Freedom


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Joy leads Product Marketing and Field Engagement for Big Data Platform. Her team produces all core content for enablement, sales tools, analysts & media, messaging and all forms of marketing campaigns. Joy is also responsible for employee communications. During more than two decades in the information technology industry, Joy has enjoyed extensive sales, business development and marketing experiences. Prior to her current role, she led HP Software’s Learning, Development and Talent Management function as well as acting as the HR Business Partner for HP Vertica.