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Big Data

Do you work with video, audio, image or text data? Gather analytics from unstructured data

Do you work with video, audio, image or text data? Gather analytics from unstructured data

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Do you with video, audio, image, or test data? If your answer to this question is ‘yes’, you are not alone.  These unstructured data forms are dominating the big data landscape.  Businesses and government agencies alike are trying hard to get intelligence from them. Unlike transactional data, this kind of data is nuanced and contextually sensitive. Apple can be a fruit or a brand. Mercury can be an element in the periodic table or a planet in the Solar system. It gets more interesting in the world of images. How do you recognize, say, a STOP sign, under various weather conditions?  It requires machine learning, a branch of artificial intelligence, which brings cognitive ability to the computer.

 Let’s look at the case of a STOP sign. A cognitive system learns from an image that a STOP sign is a red octagon shaped object, has white letters – STOP – written on it, is attached to a pole, and is found at traffic intersections. It analyzes images to recognize trends, patterns, relationships in the right context. For example, there is a pattern showing that STOP signs in the New York City are likely to have some snow on them during the winter. Based upon this learned pattern, it can recognize, with a high level of confidence, that an image of a red octagon shaped object showing only two letters (S and T) and a white patch (snow), which has vehicles and the Statute of Liberty in the background, is an image of a STOP sign in New York City.

 We see many innovative applications of unstructured data analytics.  If you are interested in learning about real-life examples of how solution providers are embedding powerful analytics in their offerings to better serve their customers,  please join us in our June 29th webinar  - OEM Case Studies: Best Practices on How to Embed Unstructured Data Analytics.


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Joe has over 13 years of experience in technology marketing and is currently focused on the analytics solution portfolio. Prior to this role, he was responsible for product marketing of the enterprise application data management solution.