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Don’t fall for the Hadoop hype

Don’t fall for the Hadoop hype

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Big data and Hadoop…seems like you can’t talk about one without the other. It makes sense, since Hadoop began as the foundation for big data tasks! However, these days, it’s not necessarily the best tool for every use case or every project. Times have changed, and so has the technology.

We know that Hadoop stores files, and we know how it processes data—but performing advanced analytics on Hadoop can be challenging. Before committing to it, businesses need step back from the hype, look at their needs, and determine if and where Hadoop fits into their big data initiatives. 

Join Bill Theisinger, vice president of engineering for platform data services at YP(sm), formerly knoHYPE.jpgwn as, in the live webinar, “Getting beyond the hype: Why Hadoop is not a panacea for all things big data.” In this live webinar, Bill will discuss how his company is maximizing the value they get from Hadoop by supplementing it with HPE Vertica, an analytical database. You’ll learn how Vertica Advanced Analytics enables organizations to manage and analyze massive volumes of structured and semi-structured data, as well as:

• The benefits and drawbacks of using Hadoop
• Where Hadoop can fit into your big data initiatives
• How to supplement Hadoop with an analytical database

Register for this webinar, live online Feb 15 and March 2.

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