HPE Software is now Micro Focus
HPE Software is now Micro Focus
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Have Big Data questions? Ask a customer - right here!

Have Big Data questions? Ask a customer - right here!




I still remember the hallway conversation I had in late 2011 with Colin Mahony which led to the launch of the HPE Big Data Conference. We discussed how we were going to differentiate this event from so many other Big Data (and HP!) conferences - and that the best way to make this event special wasn't going to be driven by anything we say - it would be driven by what our customers had to say.


In other words, we would minimize our time on stage, and maximize the customers' - because they are the ones putting their companies and their careers on the front lines - winning the accolades and yes (occasionally) a few bumps and bruises along the way. And allowing other customers to directly hear what worked - and what didn't.


As I've watched the event grow and expand over these past 4 years, it's pretty clear we nailed it. Putting our customers front and center - and allowing them to share experiences and best practices with each other - has worked better than even we could have originally imagined.


And it's my distinct pleasure and honor to moderate a mainstage panel this featuring a diverse group of our most innovative, forward-thinking and (yes) outspoken customers on the mainstage this year. They are:


But, as I thought about the questions I wanted to ask our panelists, I also wanted to build on the idea of "let the customers talk" - so rather than me creating the questions for this panel, I thought that perhaps you (yes you) may want to participate in the process directly.


So here's how this is going to work. Please compose your questions for our panel, and put them either in the comments field below (or email me if you don't want them to be public).


I'll compile these questions and use them to build the discussion we'll have on stage at BDC.


And of course, while you can view these questions and answers online, we'd also love to have you there live in the audience so if you haven't already done so, register today!

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Chris Selland is Vice President of Business Development for HPE Software, Big Data Platform. In this role, he leads global strategic alliances for the HPE Big Data platform, including HPE Vertica, HPE IDOL, Haven OnDemand and Big Data/Hadoop partnerships. Chris has more than 20 years of experience in driving innovative go-to-market initiatives, and leading strategic alliance and corporate development for technology-enabled, high-growth businesses. Previously, Chris was VP of Marketing for HP Vertica, where he led the launches of key initiatives such as the HP Haven platform, the HP Big Data Conference, and the HP Vertica Customer Advisory Board.

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