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Big Data

Put your big data to work with an optimal data analytics architecture

Put your big data to work with an optimal data analytics architecture

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Data is, without doubt, the most valuable currency in the idea economy. It’s abundantly clear that ideas that hit the market fastest—win. With this explosion of big data, the IT landscape is at a constant state of influx—rapidly changing on a day-to-day basis. And although big data generates vast opportunities for new sources of revenue, customer insights and operational efficiencies, it also creates new challenges for existing data infrastructures.

To keep up with this data explosion and capitalize on new data-driven business opportunities, enterprises must choose a data analytics architecture that fits the specific needs of their business and the structure of their data. It’s not one-size-fits-all! You have to select the architecture that gets the most value out of your data to improve the outcome of your business, your people, and your environment.

Join us on Tuesday, January 24th for a webinar, “Optimal data analytics architecture,” hosted by Data Science Central. Hear from Mike Gualtieri, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester, and Steve Sarsfield, product evangelist and spokesperson for HPE Vertica, while they discuss a newly commissioned study on enterprises that will help you select the correct mix of analytical engines and the best database for each job. They will review:

  • How a diversity of analytical engines can drive greater ROI
  • Which databases have distinct capabilities and “sweet spots”
  • Why no one database can do it all 

Register for this webinar now, and ensure that you are putting your big data to work!

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