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CM 9.2 - Elastic vs IDOL (and OCR/Auto Classification)?

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CM 9.2 - Elastic vs IDOL (and OCR/Auto Classification)?

Currently running RM 8.3 with IDOL and implementing OCR and Auto Classification, but also planning an upgrade to CM9.2 and wanting to move to Elastic. 

From reading the CM 9.2 Spec it looks like IDOL is still required to run OCR and Auto Classification modules (you cannot use Elastic), can anyone confirm this is correct?

IDOL 11.2 Enterprise or OEM HPE Content Manager uses IDOL 11.2 OEM for the following HPE Content Manager features:
— Document content indexing
— Optical Character Recognition (by using IDOL Image Server)
— Auto Classification (by using IDOL Automatic Categorization)

The Release Notes also state:

New Content Manager instances must use Elasticsearch if document content indexing is required.
Existing customers can continue to use the OEM IDOL indexes created in previous releases, however,
existing customers are encouraged to consider a move to Elasticsearch.

It appears the future direction for content indexing, support and development is with Elastic, not IDOL. How are existing customers running IDOL with OCR and Auto Classification expected to move to Elastic!? Must we choose to drop these capabilities to go with Elastic? Curious as to what the roadmap on this is or should be.
This would then also mean that (currently) new customers are not able to deploy the OCR and Auto Classification module with CM 9.2..?

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Re: CM 9.2 - Elastic vs IDOL (and OCR/Auto Classification)?

OCR with elasticsearch still utilizes the underlying OCR engine that is used by IDOL (as confirmed by Microfocus technicians)

Not sure about auto classification, but I know that elastic supports relevancy queries which could perform the same function ("morelikethis" queries).

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Re: CM 9.2 - Elastic vs IDOL (and OCR/Auto Classification)?

Auto Classification is handled by Elastic.

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Re: CM 9.2 - Elastic vs IDOL (and OCR/Auto Classification)?

Outcome and response from support case:

Auto-classification does work with Elastic search.


OCR still uses the standalone IDOL image server component to generate an OCR rendition, that is then indexed by Elastic search.