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CM9.1 Build 1.2.1123 - Issue with Global Settings

d1gital Contributor.

CM9.1 Build 1.2.1123 - Issue with Global Settings

Hi All, 

I was wondering if anyone has experienced issues with obtaining global settings (toolbar customisations only), with CM9.1  Build 1.2.1123? 

Our CM9 architecture includes 3 primary workgroup servers sitting behind a load balancer (round robin traffic). These are the servers that the users connect to. 

The issue is some users are obtaining an older version of the global settings, which is impacting several business areas, as they rely on specific CM9 icons/functions. 

Can anyone tell me how does the global settings logic work in CM9.1  Build 1.2.1123?

Where are the settings saved? The DB or the workgroup server? If its through one of the workgroup server, does it it get replicated to all once the settings are saved? 

Any assistance would be much appreciated!








Harry-Koppanyi Outstanding Contributor.
Outstanding Contributor.

Re: CM9.1 Build 1.2.1123 - Issue with Global Settings

Globals are stored in the Dataset (primary location) and also stored as secondary location (kind of cache) on the PC itself under %APPData% hidden folder Configuration. To get the latest and updated Global Settings, I usually delete the files inside these Confguration folder and ask the user to Login. At every login if the files are not there, the dataset fetch will bring the Global Settings from the dataset and stores within the %APPData% Configuration folder.

You may also check the Registry settings for the users PC (under local machine > software > HP TRIM > MSISettings > autogg ) for the value to ensure it is enabled with the Value 1.

(You may ask the user to login from the different PC where the Globals are correctly shown for other user. This will further narrow down your troubleshooting aiming for above mentioned approach)