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Enable support for EADR of windows 2016 Clients in Data protector Version 9.09

As the extended support on DP v9 is until 2020, i suggest that a patch is released to include support for the Enhanced Automatic Disater Recovery of Windows 2016 clients.

This will allow customers that are not ready to upgrade to DP verison10 to recover client servers running 2016.

I suggest that Enhancement Requested QCCR2A73835 could be reassesed to include a patch to be developed for Version 9 as well as version 10.

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Hello Ops_Support,

From what I know this might be already the case with A.09.09_117. I am waiting for final confirmation on this as well as update to the release notes of the GR 117 patch.

Sebastian Koehler

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Hi all,
EADR for Windows 2016 with DP 9.09 has been delived with the most recent DP 9.09 Patch Bundle 117.

Considers this request as delived.

Uli Wallscheid

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Status changed to: Delivered

Delivered as part of most recent DP9.09 patch.