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Linux remote installation should not use root user for SSH connect

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The process to configure remote installation DP 10.0x demands usage of root user for ssh.
4. On the client, start the ssh daemon:
         ssh_install_directory /ssh/sbin/sshd

5. Add the client to a list of known hosts (located in $HOME/.ssh/known_hosts on the Installation
    Server) by running:
         ssh root@client_host
   where client_host must be the fully qualified DNS name, for example:

This customer does not feel comfortable to use root user when establishing ssh connect.
They consider the usage of root user as a potential risk.
They would appreciate to be able to do the ssh connect by a user with less rights on the system.

Please establish a remote installation process for DP 10.0x which allows the usage of a non-root user e.g. a sudo user.

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Hi Raimund,

Starting with 10.04 a sudo capable user can be used for a Linux/UNIX push installation. It is working fine and I'm not sure if this was not tried yet or if there is still something missing.

Sebastian Koehler


Dear Submitter,

Based on the above response from Sebastian please confirm if this satisfies your ask.


Frequent Visitor.

Yes this satisfies my request. When I opened my post I have not heard about the improvements of DP 10.4.

Status changed to: Delivered