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Additional filter options in the GUI "Internal database" "Sessions" view

In a complex environment with many different types of backups and the potential for various completion status, it would be a significant useablility imporvement to the GUI "Internal database" "Sessions" view if some additional filters were available:

1. To only show particular backup types, eg. only HANA backups, or only Sybase Backups, or exclude particular type, or fitlers on Specification Names to allow for includes or excludes.

2. To only show particular completion status e.g. only Completed, or to exclude those with status completed

This would assist significantly with identifying only those backups with problems that need to be investigated. Currently it is quite difficult when there are 100's or even 1000's backups per day, trying to find only those that have issues.

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Totally Agree. I'd love to be able to filter on the Internal Database Sessions view same as we can already filter on the clients / devices / IDB objects views.

Any type or status reported in the IDB should be filterable. And we should have the same filtering by spec name or wildcard query for Copy or Replication sessions too. Drives me mad that I cannot filter on those types at all other than by time.



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