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Current media condition factors should be part of a MCF file

Brief description:

It has been observed that Media condition factors (e.g. Medium Created, Last Access, Last Write, Last Overwrite, Errors, etc.) are not carried on/lost when MCFs are imported into a different Cell Manager.

This makes it impossible to identify and remove old cartridges based on media age after migration from one Cell Manager to another. This is typical for HP-UX to a Linux or Windows Cell Manager migration using MCF export/import.

While it is possible to capture and apply this information using SQL statements this is time consuming and error prone and should be avoided.

This request is to add Media condition factors to the MCF export file and allow to import them properly on a destination Cell Manager.


Not being able to retire old media is not acceptable for many customers. espeically in large data centers.

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Status changed to: Waiting for Votes
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Status changed to: Declined

It has been determined that this request is a defect instead of an enhancement request, hence declining this idea. We are working on fixing this issue. 

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Hi @skochavara,

Thanks for the update. Do you have a QCCR for us?

Sebastian Koehler