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DP >=10.00 disabling and enabling a schedule makes a job run immediately

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When disabling a schedule and reenabling it the job starts with about a minute delay. We found out that this happens when a schedule has a start date in the past. One has to edit the schedule and set the start date in the future to avoid immediately starting of the assosiated job.
It's senseless to have the ability to disable jobs in the schedule overview when reenabling it would mean starting all assosiated jobs immediately after some delay.

Please don't let data protector think that it must catch up "missed" backup jobs from the past.

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Hi @teething,

Can you confirm if you still see this behavior on Data Protector A.10.10? From what I see the auto-trigger issue was fixed in this release. 

Sebastian Koehler


Hm, haven't tried 10.10. Guess I will do that and report back if it is fixed. Thanks a bunch!

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Seems this issue is fixed in DP 10.10. If the issue persists in DP 10.10, please open a support case. This is not an enhancement.