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Data Protector Installation Guide Needs Amendment for SSH Linux Remote Installation

The Data Protector Installation Guide has a section for remote installation of Data Protector to a new Linux client using a Linux Installation Server.  However the procedure as written does not work.  Data Protector is apparently sensitive to whether you use RSA keys or DSA keys.   It does not work with RSA keys, but does work with DSA keys.

Additionally, when generating the keys, you need to use the default key file name, rather than placing one in the command line to ssh-keygen.

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Hi Robert,

I recommand using the Feedback button on the bottom of the relevant page ( I am sending notes and corrections to them regularly and they are working hard to integrate it quickly.

Sebastian Koehler


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Thanks for submitting your idea. As discussed in the comment below, please send documentation updates to the link below using the "Feedback" button.