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Excessive logging in C:\ProgramData\OmniBack\log\AppServer

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We are using HPDP 10.0

I just got off the phone with support to get assistance with reducing our logging in C:\ProgramData\OmniBack\log\AppServer, specifically the run.og, server.log and

Over the past 5 days we have accumulated more than 80GB's worth of logs, out C:drive is only 100GB and we only run 1 backup per day. 80 GB's over that time period seems very excessive.

I was told there is no way to reduce logging other than manually deleting the log files. As an administrator, manual deletion of log files on a weekly basis isn't idea at all. We should have to ability to limit and or purge logs that are older than a certain date. We do minimal restores so if the is what contaisn the backup catalog, we have no problem doing an import to get those details back if we need to restore data. 

I understand I can create a script that gets scheduled to periodically delete these logs but I really think there should be a feature that can be configured to do this within HPDP.

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Hi @Jordan,

This was adressed with the recent release of Data Protector A.10.10. There is now a log rotation and many bugs have been fixed that caused the log to grow. Hope this helps.

Sebastian Koehler

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Thanks for the info Sebastian! I'll go ahead and get this installed. I wish the HPDP tech I spoke to mentioned this....

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Fixed in DP 10.10