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Restore Chain Question

Les Crisps
Trusted Contributor.

Restore Chain Question


Do backups of the same object in two different backup jobs constitute a good restore chain?

My example is, I am moving to Synthetic Full backups, so five Enhanced Incrementals and a weekly Synthetic Full Consolidation.

I want the Friday Inc. to be the target but a 'Post Backup Object Consolidation' pointed at this backup job would run every day. I know I could set up Scheduled Jobs to run the Cons. but it means more work and more elements to manage and I like the simplicity of 'Post Backup'.

My solution would be to have a backup job that has four days of Incs. and then a separate job that just has the Fridays. I can then point the Post Backup to the Friday one only.

However, does the restore chain span two different backup jobs.

Thank you.