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DP 9.06 Exchange GRE Mailbox Selection Slow

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DP 9.06 Exchange GRE Mailbox Selection Slow


Just wanted to check on whether our experience in GRE for Exchange 2013 is to be expected.

When we choose "Mailbox Selecttion" in the GRE, it takes upwards of 2 hours to finish "Retrieving list of mailboxes". And yet when we select by Database, this takes a minute or two to retrieve the Database list, and away we go to restore the database. 

Having run Mailbox Selection in debug mode in the GRE we see in the logs thousands of lines of output where it is interrogating all the databases in DP and Exchange, and all the backups, and I'm assuming this takes the time. We have daily backups, a months worth, in DP, over 40 Exchange databases, with a few thousand mailboxes. The debug logs do look to be repeating the same tasks, per database, per mailbox, between Exchange and DP, for every single backup! 

So is 2 hours to be expected? Kinda makes it difficult to get back peoples mails, as mailboxes to move around databases.

Suppose what would be nice would be to filter on the mailbox first, and then it searches for all the available backups on the filter, not search for every single mailbox, bring them back, to then filter on what you want. Don't suppose this is any different in later versions than 9.06?



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Re: DP 9.06 Exchange GRE Mailbox Selection Slow

Hello Andy

Yes this is the expected behaviour

"Data Protector IDB (Internal DataBase) does not store the mailboxes that were backed up. Therefore and in order to present to the user
the list of available and selectable mailboxes for restore ( without restoring the databases) we use the following algorithm
Get all the backup databases and corresponding backup versions list
foreach backup database , get the newest and the oldest backup version time
foreach backup database get all the mailboxes whose creation time is earlier than the latest backup time and deletion time is later than the oldest backup time
The above list is not 100% accurate due to Moved mailboxes and Disconnected mailboxes retention period

Now once a mailbox is selected, the list of importable backup versions is built in following way:
For connected mailboxes (which are not moved) : we show all backup versions that were taken after the mailbox was created to backup versions to date.
For disconnected mailboxes : we show all the backup versions of the corresponding database from which it was deleted last , to the time it was deleted.
For moved mailboxes : based on the number of move records exchange maintains per mailbox( by default 2) , we show the versions of each of the database that are in the move records , during which that mailbox was a part of that database.
So, yes, it is faster and better to use database selection for database import.
Best Regards