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DP 9.09 SRD Update on Windows Cell Manager?

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DP 9.09 SRD Update on Windows Cell Manager?


We got dumped upon us a small standalone DP environment with 5 hosts, with the cell manager on Windows. It used to be v7, we recently upgraded to v9.09. However, we've now hit an issue with running the "omnisrdupdate" program on a cell manager which we're hoping we could get some advice on.

Under v7 the omnisrdupdate command was added as a post exec script to the whole DP DB backup job, as under v7 the DB backup job did the IDB and filesystem in one job. Unfortunately, under v9.09, now DP DB backup is done under two seperate jobs, one IDB, one filesystem, we are unable to have a single post exec step top run omnisrdupdate. As we have tested manually, we need to run the omnisrdupdate with both session numbers in there.

So, has anyone out there got a windows powershell script that can find the two session numbers, IDB and filesystem, and bash these in to an omnisrdupdate command to run the SRD update for a Windows cell manager so we can automate this process?



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Re: DP 9.09 SRD Update on Windows Cell Manager?

Hello @Andy___H1

I think that maybe this can work for you:

This command will work to get the information. But I'm sorry, I'm not a PS expert. Did you try to ask in other kinds of forums? 


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