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DP1002 upgrade

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DP1002 upgrade

Hello experts


IHAC that execute an upgrade from DP10 then patch to 1001 and everything works fine  in the previous days he perform an upgrade in place from DP1001 to DP1002

the cell manager is MS W2k12 SP2
this morning he ended up with the test cluster, cell mgr and client 10.01 ... everything was ok
then, to benefit from the "every xxxx minutes" schedule, he installed the 10.02 patch. on cm everything is ok, but when i updated the hp-ux clients it's failed all the backups only HPUX agent.

returned back to 10.01 (for hpux clients only), has resumed working.


any hints?




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Re: DP1002 upgrade

Hi Carlo

Do you mean filesystem backups or Oracle bacups? Im handling a similar case that has been sent to our LAB.

Best Regards

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