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Data protector 10.03 Pre-installation Checklist for HPUX

A Sen

Data protector 10.03 Pre-installation Checklist for HPUX


Need few clarification/inputs/feedback:

1) For HPUX -  platform , can someone share the pre-installation checklist for New & Upgrade DP 10.03 Implementation.

2) For cluster enviornment , would Cell Manager Name and Cluster Package name would be same or different..

3) Before Installation what are the names to be defined - add any names I am missing:

a) Cell Manager Name

b) Host Name -Node 1

c) Host Name -Node 2

d) Cluster Package Name

4) What are Host file entries to be made?


Amitavo Sen 


Victor_F_DP  Super Contributor..
 Super Contributor..

Re: Data protector 10.03 Pre-installation Checklist for HPUX

Hello A Sen, 

Points 1 - 3 will be answered with this link:

Point 4: I will suggest to add the info for the cluster and also the GUI server. This will avoid any error with name resolution. 


Andres Fallas Salazar
Customer Support Engineer

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