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Database is not shown under backup specification

ashraf_islam Trusted Contributor.
Trusted Contributor.

Database is not shown under backup specification

I have cell manger OS : RHEL 7.4 and DP version is 10.  There is no patches in CM and client end and no DNS.

As per customer requirement, it needs to take  file system and oracle database backup from VM( OS: Oracle Solaris)  under host server ( OS: Oracle Solaris)  .

Actios done by me:

1.  put hp-ux dp-10 tar file  in host server (HODRTGSPPAR-3,  OS:Oracle Solaris , version; 11.2) and VM (HODRTGSTESTDB, OS: Oracle Solaris , version; 11.2) under that server  and then extarct and finally excuted .

2. Add as a client both host and VM in client option and then add only VM in backup specifications for file system. And also take file system backup successfully. 

3. But when try to add for database under oracle option, it shown nothing at application database option.

here I have attached the screenshot.


Need suggestion from expert how to solve this.  I am fighting  at customer site  for this


Micro Focus Contributor
Micro Focus Contributor

Re: Database is not shown under backup specification


What's exactly DP version? we have 10.00, 10.03 and 10.10 software versions, please run omnicc -version and put the output here.

Did you add the Oracle integration on the client server?

Please share us the screenshot.


Joe Cater
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Re: Database is not shown under backup specification

I am having the same error using the trail version.  I have say the HP version was flawless in installing..  I have a message connect to cell Manager.  I am not sure what that means?  How and where do I connect.