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HP DP 9.08 reinstallation and migration

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HP DP 9.08 reinstallation and migration

Hi all,

we use HP DP 9.08_113. We need to reinstall server RH 6.x with cell manager to RH 7.x and restore cell manager.

I backuped idB

/opt/omni/sbin/omnidbutil -writedb /data/idb/

amd made copy of directories








I installed HP DP 9.00 and applied bundle 9.08_113. Is it correct way or shall I also apply previous bundles?

After installation I restored idB

/opt/omni/sbin/omnidbutil -readdb /tmp/idb/

and directories.

I also copied to the new installation certificates and configuration files with information about bakup jobs, user,..

It's not possible to start hpdp-as service - error messgae:

Cannot start "hpdp-as" service, system error:

[1053] Unknown error 1053

Service /etc/init.d/hpdp-as exists

I tried to start HPE Data Protector Manager from W client - it cannot connect to Cell Manager - see error


Any idea what is wrong?

Thank a lot for help



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Re: HP DP 9.08 reinstallation and migration

You can try to regenerate the certificate with following steps:

1. Collect the password from under keystore password:


2. Run the following command:

perl.exe -server_id <FQDN>  -server_san ip:<IP address> -user_id hpdp -store_password <Password>

3. Restart DP services (omnisv -stop, omnisv -start)