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Old Data Protector 7.0 Backup - Decryption Error

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Old Data Protector 7.0 Backup - Decryption Error

Hi all,

We've got an old environment which is still running on DP 7 (don't blame us, we got it handed over to us, and it's got **bleep** old hosts which mean we can't upgrade...yet!). We been having random errors on backups which are now getting more frequent when attempting to backup to tape overnight:

90:6100 Drive unable to decrypt data. Invalid decryption key retrieved from key management server

This is then followed by a "90:56 Cannot append to medium" error. Job is re-run in the morning and most of the time it works fine on re-run, albeit on a different tape.

Now the thing is with this old environment, from everything we can see, i.e. drive level, job level, library level, client level, there is no decryption set anywhere. And when jobs are re-run, albeit to a different physical tape, it works ok. And the error of unable to decrypt data suggests to us it's trying to read the tape before it writes to it and it's the read which is failing? This is a completely standalone environment, with dedicated hosts and tape library, we don't share tapes, and it's been working for years. It's only over the last couple of months now we get these random errors. Some nights it's works fine, then it can go a few nights on the trot with errors, using different tapes, different tape drives (we only have two drives), but re-runs of the failing filesystem backups work.

It's got us stumped now, so asking for some help on here to see if anyone else has experienced this 90:6100 error before.



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Re: Old Data Protector 7.0 Backup - Decryption Error

Hi @Andy___H1,

Most likely the problematic tapes where previously written with encryption turned on. Maybe it was disabled at a later point in time and now appending fails. The media is marked as poor and a working media is used.

You can check with omnikeytool if there are any encryption keys or issues with the keystore.

Sebastian Koehler

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