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Event Broker 2.01 Deployment Guide

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Here are a few minor documentation bugs I have observed.  I know some are just meant to be examples.

Page 22. Step 5. a.  format of URL is incorrect and will not work in installer GUI.  Please change to as references many other times in the doc.

Page 26. Component installer file names are from previous version.  For 2.0.1 I believe these are the corrections needed.

       ArcSight Installer application |  arcsight-installer-1.0.1-19.rc.x86_64.rpm
       ArcSight Event Broker |  arcsight_eb_images_17_4c2a6ccc0a553390488ceb56aeb1126c607fa293.tar
       ADP Event Broker (ADP EB only) |  arcsight-installer-1.0.1-19.rc_eb.x86_64.rpm

Page 27. Step 4.  Path is incorrect. Correct path is /opt/arcsight/installer/k8s/master/pushImages.sh