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Fortify protects your entire software development lifecycle (SDLC) with the most flexible, comprehensive, and scalable application security solution offering that works seamlessly with your current development tools, helping to increase usage by developers. Get more information about Fortify application security testing here. Please join any discussion in this forum.

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SAP relies on Micro Focus Fortify to find vulnerabilities in the software development lifecycle



View the Gartner 2018 Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing





Fortify Unplugged Video Channel

IntelliJ plugin for Fortify SCA

This quick demo shows the integration of Fortify SCA with IntelliJ, the leading Java IDE.

5 ways to better educate developers on application security

No one approach to teach developers about application security will work, but academia and the software industry can do better...

Lessons from BSIMM 9: How cloud affects software security

As firms move software to the cloud, they're finding they need to change their security approach. Here are the main lessons from BSIMM 9....

How Spell Check and AppSec Testing’s Worlds Have Collided

Just as spell check changed spelling, Fortify Security Assistant is changing application security for developers by empowers them to find and fix AppSec defects during the coding process....

9 practical steps to secure your container deployment

Here are practical tips that can be taken during each stage of the development process to make a container deployment more secure.

Why AppSec pros can’t ignore GDPR

You may be asking “What does GDPR have to do with AppSec?” Isn’t that just for data security folks to worry about?  

What’s New in Fortify Software 18.10

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