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Failed Cancel and Modification Resumable/cancelable

•Brief Description •    

Failed Cancel and Modification Resumable/cancelable

•Benefits / Value •    

currently failed modifications are shown to Subscribers as resubmit modifications.
This is most cases not good as subscriber cant understand why a modification failed and will resubmit permanenty
even potentially messing the subscription even more while an operator is fixing the issue
Running subscriptions are potentially productive services for a user.
Failed modifications currently in CSA are leaving customers with unusable subscriptions/Services as there is no chance to bail out from the problem.
this is even more serious then failed initial deployments.
putting the resume modification into hands of operator (as for deployment) would allow controlled fixing.

•Design details •   
All Modify/Cancel/Deploy must pause when pasuing is active

Cancel on modify error: reset all inputs (subscriber options) and bound property values to state before request.
Operator will need to correct any actions done by modify lifecycle phase manually. (it is unlikely that there is rollbackautomation that can recover from every error state)

Resume for all lifecyclephases: extend Resume with an option to step over last failed flows. this allows an operator to resume actions at next step when last failed flow was manually finished.

Configuration of Pause on Error: it should be configurable in which lifecycle phase 

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