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Support Tip: Generating diagnostic bundles

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Support Tip: Generating diagnostic bundles

Are you having issues with your IDOL Server (or an IDOL component), and want to gather up files to send to support for analysis? If the component in question is running, and it’s a recent 10.x release, you can use the admin interface to generate a diagnostic bundle.


First, load up the IDOL Admin interface for the component in question:




(You’ll need to use the ACI port.)



Next, under the Status->Overview pane, look under “Controls” section, and click on the “Create Diagnostics Bundle” button. You’ll be prompted for a location, and asked how many log files to provide (for support purposes, choosing at least “Current” is recommended). Once you’re ready, click “Create Diagnostics Bundle” again, and wait for the success message.



Note that the file path provided is on the server hosting the component itself, even if you’re accessing the Admin interface from a separate server.



The generated bundle will be a zip file containing the components configurations, memory and status reports, and log files. This won’t necessarily cover everything the support team will need for any given case, but it’s always a good start!

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