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getting invalid XML character on SD creation

BethQ Contributor.

getting invalid XML character on SD creation

Customers have a custom URL they click which opens a web-based form.  They fill out the form and describe their issue in a free text description box.  All the form data is written to an oracle database.  Connect-it wakes up every 5 minutes and reads for new records, creating a new SD for every new record.

We are having a problem with a customer.  first, they were copy/pasting error logs, and the ampersand was causing the transaction to fail.  nothing in the log file.  It was just rejected.  We have them for now NOT copying those log files. 

Again today, their records arent coming over.  they write to the db, but the transaction is rejected.  I finally found the Message part of the document log, and the error starts with....

2018/10/03 17:34:11.000 0 2 The character '\x0B' is an invalid XML character

The character is visible in the database... it looks like the symbol for male (circle with the arrow). 


I tried using EscapeSeparators( ), but I dont know how to refer to this character.  I tried copy/pasting the character into google, but it acts like I'm searching for blank.

Is there a way to just ignore all special characters?  How do I bypass/replace/ignore this character?


Mark Cullen_1 Acclaimed Contributor.
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: getting invalid XML character on SD creation

Instead of referring to the actual character try referring to the actual xml...(ie. '\x0B').  Does the Replace() function work instead?  Sometimes I have to refer to double-quote as Chr(34) when using other double-quotes in Asset Manager query logic.