HPE Software is now Micro Focus
HPE Software is now Micro Focus
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A rip-roaring good time in the Texas sunshine: Day 1 from the ITOM Americas Summit

A rip-roaring good time in the Texas sunshine: Day 1 from the ITOM Americas Summit

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Yee-Haw! The first day of the ITOM Americas Summit has been on fire. There is a palpable excitement in the air and attendees are excited about the future of Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

The morning began with a keynote session from Tom Goguen, VP and General Manager - HPE IT Operations Management; Sue Barsamian, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer - HPE Software; and
Rahul Tripathi, VP Product Management - HPE IT Operations Management. The trio shared some of the biggest news in the industry.Tom on Stage.PNG


 Goguen took the stage to share details around the new Container Deployment Foundation. This container architecture makes it easy for customers to achieve:

  • Installation in minutes vs hours and days
  • Zero-downtime rolling upgrades vs days and weeks
  • Scalability on demand vs months to scale-out
  • Supported on bare metal, virtualized infrastructure, private and public cloud

You can learn more in Tom’s blog introducing the Container Deployment Foundation.

A key moment came near the end of Tom Goguen’s keynote after he discussed the key innovations around our 4 ITOM suites.  In his closing statement, he introduced a new suite for the roadmap.  This fifth suite, Network Operations Management, will include the capabilities of our industry-leading network management products, Network Node Manager i and Network Automation, coupled with the suite capabilities including embedded analytics, reporting, and executive dashboards.  All of this functionality will be delivered as a single suite product and on top of our Container Deployment Foundation.  While no launch date was announced, look for more info from the Network Operations Management team on this exciting development!

Barsamian followed the container excitement by discussing the benefits of the upcoming HPE spin-merge with Micro-Focus. The combination of the two companies creates the sixth-largest pure-play software company. Sue on stage.PNG





To wrap-up the keynote, Tripathi was joined by Alina Gicqueau, Director of Product Management where they performed a deep-dive demo into suite-level capabilities of the ITOM products. They offered an entertaining look at how the HPE suites offer unique capabilities to help admins perform their job better.

Customer sessions abound

The rest of the day was filled with exciting an engaging customer sessions. Over 15 customers presented their stories to their peers to an amazing response. Attendance at these sessions was overwhelming and conversations carried over from session to session.

Tomorrow promises to be another action-packed day filled with an additional 20 customer- and partner-led sessions. You can get insights on how others are maximizing the impact of IT Operations Management on their organization.

Shining stars and an Para-Olympic athlete

The ITOM Americas Summit wraps up tomorrow night with the Shining Star Awards to recognize customers and partners for their achievements in IT Operations Management.

John Register, The theme for John’s closing keynote speech is, “How you can be a hero within your organization”. Everyone has a hero; whether it is your favorite superhero character or your third grade teacher, someone has positively impacted your life. Many people consider John their hero, not because he wears a cape, but because the circumstances he has been put in allowed him to rise up with humility, courage, and selflessness.

Learn more about his story in this blog.


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