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Announcing Micro Focus Data Protector 10.04

Announcing Micro Focus Data Protector 10.04

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We are proud to announce Micro Focus Data Protector 10.04, the latest update to our enterprise-class backup and recovery software for diverse, dynamic and distributed enterprises. Data Protector is the core component of our Data Protection Suite which also includes Backup Navigator, an analytics, monitoring and reporting tool which allows customers to optimize their backup and recovery environment and backup strategy. Backup Navigator 9.90 has been certified for Data Protector 10.04.  All product documentation is available from the Micro Focus Documentation Portal which was introduced with Data Protector 10.03.  

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Catch up on the previous Data Protector release in this blog about Data Protector 10.03. A full, direct install, Data Protector 10.03 allows you to upgrade directly from Data Protector 8.0x, 9.0x or 10.0x to the 10.03 release in a single step. This capability simplifies the installation process and saves valuable time. Note: upgrading to Data Protector 10.04 is an additional step from Data Protector 10.03.

Here are some highlights of the key features and their benefits of Data Protector 10.04:  

1. Enterprise scale and security features enhance the ability to support a diverse, mixed hybrid IT environment, and scale it as it grows. New features include:

  • Disk Agent which can be installed on PowerPC systems, allows data to be backed up and restored to these systems.
  • Enhanced user management-LDAP groups support Active Directory allowing the users within an LDAP_GROUP to access Data Protector entities and making it easier to setup and make changes quickly.


2. Enhancements for virtual environments include the following management simplification features:

  • While performing Granular Recovery from VMware vSphere Web Client, Data Protector Cell Manager authentication prompts the user only once to enter the user credentials while connecting to a particular Cell Manager from VMware environments. There is no need to authenticate again for the same Cell Manager in that vSphere session.
  • Mount proxy selection allows users to select a mount proxy host when connecting to the Data Protector GRE plugin within the VMware vSphere Web Client.


3. Integrations with third-party storage systems allow to simplify management and streamline integrations with the existing storage infrastructure. Features include:

  • 3-way NDMP support for Dell EMC Isilon enables backups to be done via a standard media/backup server to HPE StoreOnce or Data Protector File Library. It simplifies NDMP backup configuration and management by using Data Protector NDMP media agent to manage backup data transfer

StoreOnce Catalyst or file library.png

  • Read more here about how Data Protector 10.03 introduced NetApp 3-way NDMP enabling backups to be done via a standard media/backup server to HPE StoreOnce or Data Protector File Library. The feature also allows for replication of data to another HPE StoreOnce partner or via Cloud Bank into a Cloud Store.

4. Orchestration, automation and monitoring features simplify backup administration by providing customizable dashboards, advanced monitoring capabilities and operations orchestration and automation of backup processes. Data Protector 10.04 introduces:

  • Integration with Operations Orchestration (OO), a Micro Focus enterprise-scale IT process automation solution, allows the creation of user actions in structured sequences called workflows. Data Protector workflows can be added via content packs to enable the automation of backup, restore, health check, session and cell management tasks. Data Protector 10.04 introduces some basic workflows, with additional workflows to be added in the future releases. OO Content Packs can be downloaded from the ITOM Marketplace.


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5. Data Protector Disaster Recovery is built-in at no additional cost. Data Protector 10.04 includes:

  • Windows 2016 EADR support provides backup and recovery of Windows 2016 application data and system data including operating system files, drivers, and files required for the initial boot process.


To find technical documentation on the Data Protection Suite, please visit the new Micro Focus Documentation Portal

For more on Micro Focus Data Protection, visit


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