HPE Software is now Micro Focus
HPE Software is now Micro Focus
IT Operations Management (ITOM)

Announcing the Container Deployment Foundation

Announcing the Container Deployment Foundation


IT Operations Management has never been more dynamic and exciting. There have been huge advances in software development practices--even customers in relatively conservative and highly regulated industries have advanced DevOps practices that release code into production daily, sometimes hourly. I am astonished by the scale and range of IT operations today when compared with five years ago. In some cases infrastructure demands are doubling annually! IT operations teams must meet these demands while accommodating legacy, private cloud and public cloud deployments.

To help our customers meet these demands, we’re investing across the portfolio in new technologies such as big data analytics to drive real business value.  We’ve joined the open source Hubot community and are delivering ChatOps capabilities to enhance these capabilities (more on this in another post).  The ability to adopt our solutions and new innovative capabilities as they are developed with minimal operational risk is key to customer success. We think of this as time-to-value.

Easier containers.PNGTo  reduce time-to-value, we  have dramatically revamped our portfolio over the past year:

  • We have moved away from point products and into integrated solutions that address key IT Operations use cases.  
  • We shifted to an Agile delivery model with quarterly releases.
  • We created a Customer Appreciation Program to help customers take advantage of these new offerings.


Faster containers.PNG


But we didn’t stop there. Behind the scenes in R&D we developed a new built-in deployment platform based on open-source Docker containers and Kubernetes technologies.  I’m very excited that today Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced the latest updates to our IT Operations Management suites. This is the first version to include this new container deployment platform as an option.*


Transformative containers.PNGContainerized deployment provides a number of key benefits  as compared to traditional enterprise software deployment including:          

  • Installation in minutes vs hours and days
  • Zero-downtime rolling upgrades vs days and weeks
  • Scalability on demand vs months to scale-out
  • Supported on bare metal, virtualized infrastructure, private and public cloud


With these new capabilities, customers leveraging our ITOM Suites can achieve unprecedented time-to-value as compared to traditional vendors in this space and unprecedented deployment options to meet customer infrastructure choices.

But that’s not all…

The latest versions of our suites also include support for managing, monitoring and modeling services that run on next generation container infrastructure.  These container lifecycle management capabilities include:

  • Hybrid Cloud Management – Design, automate, deliver and manage IT services across multi-vendor traditional IT, private, public and managed cloud environments without vendor lock-in.  Hybrid Cloud Management now enables the service design and deployment of new container-based applications, including ready-to-consume development testing environments to integrated into devOps processes.
  • Data Center Automation – Complete lifecycle management for bare-metal, operating systems and virtual machines including hardware, and host operating system provisioning with compliance, now supports containers.
  • Operations Bridge – Automated monitoring, analysis, and remediation through a single pane of glass, with powerful Big Data and predictive analytics, and a revolutionary Business Value Dashboard, now improves speed and responsiveness of operations teams by enabling the monitoring and troubleshooting of container infrastructure and applications.
  • IT Service Management Automation – An analytics-driven, highly automated service desk that supports ITIL process orchestration and asset management.  Now provides analytics-driven service management, automated discovery and configuration management to support container-based applications.


We will discuss our innovations in future blogs, but for today, I’d like for you to take a look at the new and our new ITOM Suites. And, I’ll look forward to meeting many of our customers personally at our ITOM Summit in Dallas, Texas on May 1-3 and our EMEA Customer Forum in Dublin, Ireland on May 15 – 18.


Footnote:  *That said, in case you are wondering, as we expand support of the container deployment foundation, we will also continue to support the conventional installation and deployment of our products

About the Author


Tom Goguen joined HPE in 2016 and is the VP/GM of the ITOM Business Unit within Micro Focus. He was previously CEO of NewBay Software, a leading SaaS service provider to mobile operators and oversaw the successful acquisition of NewBay by Synchronoss Technologies. Tom has over 20 years of industry experience and has held executive roles at BlackBerry, Apple and Sun Microsystems. He is listed as an inventor on 10 patents, has a masters degree in electrical engineering from the University of Ottawa and a bachelors degree from the University of New Brunswick.


HPE's new approach for Software delivery with containerizing its suites dramatically simplifies IT operations and allows focus on accelerating time-to-value