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Defend Against Network Attack Vectors: Introducing Three-Dimensional Compliance [webinar]

Defend Against Network Attack Vectors: Introducing Three-Dimensional Compliance [webinar]

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While many network engineering departments have and continue to focus on a single dimension of compliance (usually configuration), 3-D Compliance looks more comprehensively at all three dimensions of network compliance - including the OS version and what is actually happening on the device. This model continuously identifies network vulnerabilities, preventing data loss, down-time, and even penalties. These issues typically require a broader view of compliance criteria than just the configuration details.

This is a follow-on to my blog series on 3-D Compliance. In Parts 12 and 3, I introduced the concept of 3-D Compliance--a model for achieving and maintaining compliance of networks.

july 24 webinar.PNGI invite you to join me for a new webinar titled, "Does your Network Have 3-D Compliance?
Date: July 24, 2018 | 9 AM MT (with an hour for questions)
Hosts: Brian Kaplan - Network Operations Managemetn Product Manager and Compliance Specialist, and Frank Bonifazi--NOM Product Marketing Manager

In this webinar, we’ll go into depth into this holistic compliance model, and look at tools that help enable and maintain it. This is especially important as you transition to new software defined (SDN) and virtual network technologies (NFV). Register now! 

For more information, contact your Micro Focus representative or download the trial at:

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