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Idea Exchange - Be in the driver seat for ITOM products

Idea Exchange - Be in the driver seat for ITOM products

Micro Focus Frequent Contributor

Have you ever wanted to be in the driver seat of building the next generation of ITOM solutions? I am here to encourage you to get in and get involved at ITOM Idea Exchange to help drive the direction of Micro Focus ITOM solutions. The ITOM Idea Exchange is now live for all ITOM suites! Check it out here so that you can plug in with others and members of our team to share your ideas.Idea Exchange 2.png


The Idea Exchange allows YOU to submit ideas, vote on ideas, and collaborate with the entire community to uncover opportunities to improve and innovate ITOM products. We have nine idea exchanges which were rolled out in phases—beginning in December 2017.


The Idea Exchanges are now live for all of the ITOM Suites including:


The ITOM Idea Exchange has been well received by users, which is evident by their participation via idea submissions, comments and votes. 


We already have:

  • 550+ ideas submitted
  • 1000+ comments on ideas
  • 1900+ votes on ideas
  • 4800+ unique visitors


If you haven’t already, please log in ITOM Idea Exchange with Software Passport and be a part of the community.  Get engaged and be ready to lead product innovation at ITOM Idea Exchange.